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Simplify and organize every area of your life with time-saving Notion Templates and Resources

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What you can expect... 

Targeted Focus:

We zero in on the specific Notion challenge you're facing. Whether it's getting set up or managing projects, we tackle it head-on with a laser-focused approach.

Actionable Solutions:

You'll always walk away with practical, customized strategies and solutions. Whether it's a 1 on 1 coaching session or ready to use templates which can be tailored just for you.

Empowered Confidence:

Gain the skills and confidence to maintain high productivity with Notion long after our session ends. We're here to ensure that you're not just using Notion, but mastering it.

Whether it's learning the basics of how to use Notion or focusing in on a specific organizational struggle it's time to tackle those tech challenges head on.

Some common struggle areas are:

  • Understanding how to keep Notion simple
  • How to get information into Notion
  • Task and Project Management
  • Working with Notion's Calendar
  • Organizing Files and Documents
  • Managing Notes and Creative Ideas
  • Creating a Social Media Planner
  • Streamlining Goals and Planning Processes
  • Custom Template Creation for Personal and Professional Use


You've chosen Notion as your productivity tool... now let's simplify it!

"5 stars to Kim!  Not only is she a delightful person but she is organized and highly skilled in her training. And she is true to her word by keeping things simple, which is a great help when I'm juggling so many things in my business. I highly recommend Kim!"

~ Rebecca Thompson
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Summer Special

Do you keep hearing about how great Notion is to organize your life but you're feeling overwhelmed with how to start? Or maybe you've tried starting but now you're not sure if you're using it correctly? 

I just opened a few quick 30 minute sessions on my calendar dedicated entirely to answering your specific Notion questions!

Notion Quickies ... Q&A Sessions

Only $47

  • 30 minute¬† Zoom Coaching Session
  • Session Recording:¬†Need to hear¬†something twice? No problem! Your session will be recorded and shared with you.
  • Follow-Up Email Notes:¬†After¬†your session, you'll get a recap email with tailored recommendations. It's like your digital productivity cheat sheet!
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"I was overwhelmed with my digital clutter until I met Kim. She understood my challenges as a home organizer and created a personalized Notion template for my business. Inspired by how simple the process was, we also built a family dashboard for shared schedules and lists. Thanks to Kim, I now enjoy a clutter-free digital system for both business and family!"

~ Nadine Dionne
Home Organizer  -  The Pursuit of Tidy

Transform Chaos into Clarity: Learn how to use the Notion Webclipper

Discover 10 Genius Notion Webclipper Tricks!

Ready to tackle digital clutter head-on?  Download this free Guide "Get Organized With The Notion Webclipper," and begin to transform your approach to digital organization. 

Discover practical and innovative ways to manage everything from favorite blog posts, Youtube videos, client voicemails, to meal planning, travel itineraries and so much more!

Whether you're streamlining your personal life or optimizing your professional workflow, these 10 Notion Webclipper strategies are essential tools in your productivity arsenal. 

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