👎🏻 Your inbox is full of thousands of unread emails, and you can never find urgent messages from clients or coworkers.

👎🏻 The piles of paper on your desk are stacking up, and you're tempted to set fire to it all.

👎🏻 Your desktop or Google Drive is a hot mess and important files seem to completely disappear.

Simplify the way you plan
and manage your week, so
you’re always on top of your
most important tasks!

Easily capture all those
amazing ideas to take action on! Go paperLESS in your business and life, with digital files, notes and ideas that are always with you!

Organize and streamline 
your documents, files, piles, photos, and emails, so they're easy to file and easy to find!

As a Digital Productivity Coach, specializing in all things apple, l love helping ambitious, (sometimes overwhelmed) professionals just like you discover the productivity power hidden in their apple devices. 

For the past 10 years I've had the privilege doing what I love and helping others in workshops, individual coaching sessions, and small group programs.

With just a few shortcuts, strategies and my signature "non-techie" / let's keep it simple style, you'll uncover new levels of productivity and time freedom!

"Kim has changed my business for the better. she introduced me to apps that helped me go paperless, organize my business (and my life), and impress my clients beyond belief.

Heather Kelley

"I could have stumbled through teaching myself but it would have been frustrating and very time consuming. You've taught me so much and are an absolute delight to work with. I highly recommend you all the time. You're the best!"

Gary Mancuso

1 on 1 Coaching

Notion Resources

Group Workshops

1 on 1 Digital Productivity Coaching Sessions

A 45-Minute coaching session designed to streamline 1 frustrating area of your digital life.

Here's the deal: We're all about tackling those pesky Apple and productivity challenges head-on. We'll customize solutions just for you, boost your confidence, and set you on the path to long-lasting productivity.

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How about a Complete Digital Makeover?

Join me in a complete 8-week coaching experience designed to simplify, streamline and supercharge your digital life.

Master time management, streamline tasks, organize projects, declutter digital spaces, conquer email overload, capture ideas effectively, manage photos effortlessly, and set and achieve your goals with confidence.

With personalized coaching, session recordings, and ongoing support, we'll turn your Apple devices into productivity powerhouses.

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Notion Resources For Your Busy Life

Are you new to Notion or feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all? We've got an amazing array of pre-designed Notion templates that will seriously level up your life organization game.

Have a quick question you need answered? We’ve got 30-minute sessions solely dedicated to tackling your burning Notion questions.

Oh, and as a sweet bonus, we're gifting you a game-changing resource that will completely transform how you manage those unruly bookmarks.

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