AppleLife 180: Personal Productivity Coaching Session

Are you drowning in digital chaos?

Does your to-do list look more like a never-ending spiral?? 

It's time to book your 45-Minute "Game Changing" coaching session!

When you purchased your shiny new apple device you thought it would be the "Marie Kondo" of your digital world, simplifying your time, tasks, and digital disorganization... But here you are, feeling like something’s just...missing. 

So you head to google, and whoa - hello rabbit hole of random answers!  Then you try and ask questions in a facebook group.  All you got there were a lot of well meaning but random tips and hacks that have now left you more confused.

Yeah, that's not what we're doing here. Each session is all about choosing one of your apple devices and zeroing in on ONE area that you feel stuck in.  Which to choose? Which causes you the most stress right now?

  • Your Calendar
  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Files and Piles
  • Notes and Ideas
  • Your Email Inbox
  • Photos
  • Goals and Planning

After you identify the specific challenge you want to work on, we'll roll up our digital sleeves and get to work. No more random suggestions; this is real-time focus, click-here-do-that action.  

You've got the perfect Apple device, now let's get you the right apps and strategy to make it all click! Ready to go deep instead of wide?

You're in the right place. 

Targeted Focus:

We zoom in (pun intended!) on that one big issue you're facing and tackle it head-on.

Actionable Solutions:

Walk away with concrete strategies tailored just for you.

Empowered Confidence:

Gain the skills and confidence to keep the productivity ball rolling long after our session ends.

If You're Ready ... Let's Get To Work!

  1. Click the link below to purchase your session.
  2. Next Book Your Session: Just a few clicks and you're in!
  3. Identify Your Challenge: Time, tasks, digital clutter - you name it.
  4. Meet and Conquer: Log into Zoom, and let's get to the good stuff. Together, we'll tackle that challenge and set you on a path to time freedom and productivity bliss.
$147. Single Coaching Session

Your Session Includes:

  • A 45 minute One-on-One Zoom Coaching Session
  • Session Recording:¬†Need to hear¬†something twice? No problem! Your session will be recorded and shared with you.
  • Follow-Up Email Notes:¬†After¬†your session, you'll get a recap email with tailored recommendations. It's like your digital productivity cheat sheet!

So, my friend, are you ready to step into a more organized, simplified, and streamlined digital life?

Your Apple devices have so much untapped potential, and together, we’re going to unlock it!  Click that button above to reserve your session today. Let's do this!

But Wait! 

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