Wouldn't it be great if your Apple purchase came with a "Personal Concierge Service?" 

If you feel like you're only using 20% of your Apple device's capabilities... It's Time To Unlock The 80% You've Been Missing With Personalized Step-by-Step Support.





"I thought all this Apple stuff was going to make my life easier, but all I want to do is throw my iPad out the window."

~  Seriously Miffed/Frustrated Apple User



You have the all the fun apple "stuff..." but why do you still feel like you're drowning in the details of life?


  • You know¬†your Apple devices can do so much more but¬†you have no idea where to start.
  • Your desktop¬†and Google Drive are¬†hot messes and important files seem to completely disappear.
  • You've got a serious case of "App overwhelm". You¬†keep looking for a simple¬†system to handle your projects and tasks,¬†but nothing feels quite right.¬†
  • Your¬†inbox¬†is¬†overflowing¬†and¬†you just want to hit delete all!¬†

Technology was supposed to make our lives easier, NOT more complicated...

"Kim has changed my business for the better. She introduced me to apps that helped me go paperless, organize my business (and my life), and impress my clients beyond belief."

~ Heather Kelley

Hi, I'm Kim!

Digital Productivity Strategist. Speaker. Creator.

I help you simplify the little things so you can focus on the big things. 


For over a decade now, I've been on a mission to help busy, ambitious, professionals just like you unlock the full potential of those magical Apple devices!

I believe with the right apps and strategies in place, we can transform your iPad, Mac, iPhone, or even your Apple Watch into the productivity time-savers they were meant to be.


‚ÄúIt's always a pleasure to work with Kim. She makes¬†tech challenges less overwhelming¬†and so much easier to understand. Kim's trainings are always fun and her personality vibrates across the room and makes you want to learn!‚ÄĚ

~ Mary Lou Scala

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"I could have stumbled through teaching myself but it would have been frustrating and very time consuming. You've taught me so much and are an absolute delight to work with. You're the best!"

~ Gary Mancuso

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